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Caregiving data for Northeast U.S. region now available

NERCRD partnered with the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) to deploy a survey in the Northeast on “Caregiving Across the Lifecourse.” The data include responses from 4,480 Northeast households:

  • 725 respondents only cared for a child/children
  • 714 respondents only cared for an adult(s)
  • 1,175 respondents cared for a child/children and adult(s)

The data are available at:

The survey is part of the NCRCRD’s recently launched NCR-Stat, a North Central regional dataset being developed as a venue and incentive for interdisciplinary collaboration. As part of this effort, along with researchers from The Ohio State University, the National Farm Medicine Center, Penn State, AARP, University of Minnesota, Purdue University, University of Rhode Island, and South Dakota State University, they developed a survey on Caregiving Across the Life Course. The survey answers will be used to better understand “how caregiving intersects with community and economic development” in the Northeast region.

The dataset authors are:

  • Shoshanah Inwood, The Ohio State University
  • Zuzana Bednarik, Purdue University and NCRCRD
  • Florence Becot, Penn State University
  • Selena Caldera, AARP
  • Carrie Henning-Smith, University of Minnesota
  • Steven Cohen, University of Rhode Island
  • Jennifer Finders, Purdue University
  • Leacey Brown, South Dakota State University

Citation: Inwood, S.; Bednarik, Z.; Becot, F.; Caldera, S.; Henning-Smith, C.; Cohen, S.; Finders, J.; Brown, L. (2024). Northeast Region Household Data. NER-Stat: Caregiving Survey. Purdue University Research Repository. doi:10.4231/TP7N-8B10