COVID-19 Publication Opportunity

Jane Kolodinsky (Univ. of Vermont and C-FARE board member) and Stephan Goetz (Penn State and NERCRD) will serve as co-editors of this issue, in consort with the Choices thematic issue editor. We are looking for 8 short (2-3 pages max.) papers that might also include an infographic under the general topic: Rural Development Implications One Year After COVID-19 and will consider a broad range of topics including food systems, local food, food security, poverty and income, broadband, health, self-employment, agricultural production, labor, and others. We anticipate that different regions of the country will have different perspectives. The completed papers will be due January 31, 2021 and peer-reviewed immediately. If you are interested, please send a brief (50-100 word) topic idea proposal to, with cc to and by August 15, 2020.

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