Linking farm vitality and health: statewide-forums give rise to new publication for farmers

Virginia Brown, University of Maryland Extension, and Maria Pippidis, University of Delaware Extension organized the forums. Together with Shoshanah Inwood, Ohio State University, they received funding from the Northeast Center through its 2017-2018 small grants program for a project that took “a coordinated community risk management approach to health and health insurance for the farming enterprise.”

The team members held “Linking Farm Vitality and Health” forums in each of their states. At each forum participants were encouraged to develop short-term collaborative efforts to address the issues discussed. The Farm Vitality and Health supplement that was featured in The Delmarva Farmer was one such effort. The publication, which is available here, includes features on:

  • Health and Farm Vitality
  • Healthcare Insurance Information
  • Paying for Insurance and Healthcare
  • Managing Financial Stress
  • Stress and Crisis Management
  • Planning Your Farm’s Future
  • Directory of Resources

The team is wrapping up their funded project and will have additional resources to share in the new year. Stay tuned!

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