RRDCs Release Findings from Stakeholder Survey on Priorities and Capacities for Rural Community, Economic, and Workforce Development

The nation’s four Regional Rural Development Centers (RRDCs) released findings this week from a national survey of rural development stakeholders. Conducted in the fall of 2021, the survey is part of a year-long Listening Session Initiative aimed at identifying key priorities and critical investments for rural communities’ recovery and growth.

The report is titled “Investing in Rural Recovery: Findings from a Rapid Assessment of Stakeholder Priorities for Rural Development.” 

The questionnaire served as a rapid appraisal of key informants’ perceptions about priorities, capacities, and potential to expand programming in eight critical topic areas. Respondents also reported on the types of programs they find most valuable and the resources, challenges, and opportunities they perceive for rural communities. The report’s release marks the close of the first stage in the consultative feedback process being led by the RRDCs and will provide a basis for a series of facilitated dialogues in the initiative’s second phase in March and April of 2022. Invitations to participate in the Northeast region’s listening session will be sent in late February. National dialogues on key topics are also planned. NERCRD will be hosting a national session on the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

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